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Dec 10, 2008

Hijab is a Gift from God


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Proper hijab (including khimar and jilbab) is a gift from Allah S.W.T.. You don't wear it for other Muslims just for Islamic functions or to make others (seemingly more religious women) more comfortable. I am not offended by your hair! My non-hijabi sisters out there who are working on perfecting their deen by concentrating on the oneness of Allah S.W.T do not offend me whatsoever, by drawing close to HIM in prayer. Neither do my non-jilbab wearing sisters so long as none is denial of what the Qu'ran commands: hijab. You do not wear your hijabs for me, or for others, but for yourself. Allah S.W.T gave you the gift of your hijabs, as an outright symbol of your devotion and obedience and love His word, and for protection of your body from the prejudice and envy of most others. It is a tool to aid you in righteousness, and it is foolish to cast such gifts aside, but may Allah S.W.T preserve me, lack of hijab does not make you sin-incarnate as some stupid books about the subject once read (LOL Aalia, jazzakallah kheir for not giving me that extreme school of thought's rubbish) nor do I envy you all and deny your walk to the straight path because I may see all your physical beauty. I wish you could understand hijab, not as a pointless rule, a sadistic commandment, but for the love of Allah S.W.T, and all the benefits, that so outweight the minute inconveniences of missing our hair, and other people's prejudice. To be a walking example if Islam, is a gift, such that Allah S.W.T commanded all the angels to make sajood to man. I wish to be worthy of that gift. So I obey everything I understand to be a gift a given and take it up proudly before me, and pray to walk on in the straight path. Sisters, I will advise you but once. I do not believe in fashion police, Nashiha should be private and poignant enough the first time not to be repeated, and if someone turns away from a gift of Allah S.W.T, khalas, let them be, and pray for your own straight walk, because there are many gifts of understanding that elude the individual. Guide us all to the straight path, ameen

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