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Dec 9, 2008

What to Wear - Women


Do you find yourself repeatedly dealing with the same dressing issues, such as slipping bra straps or what to wear under your ultra-low rise jeans? You're not alone. Here are some tips and advice from the Freshpair team that we hope will address most of your lingerie questions and concerns.

My bra is riding up
Are you getting that creeping feeling in your bust area? Does your bra seem to have a mind of its own? You may need to adjust your hook and bring it out one level. If this doesn't work, you may need to loosen your straps. If the straps are adjusted too tightly they may cause the band to rise, creating awkward lines and discomfort. Most importantly, make sure your bra is the right size by checking our sizing chart.

My straps are always falling down.
The falling bra strap may have worked for Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, but you can't pretend you're a movie star every day. If your straps are feeling gravity's pull, make sure you are buying bras with adjustable straps so you can freely gauge how they will fit. However, straps that are too tight may cause lines and discomfort - but reducing your cup by one size may provide a solution. Consult our bra sizing advice to determine if you are buying the right size for you.

My bra is giving me strap marks.
Today's busy working women have enough problems - like trying to fit business meetings in between lunch and yoga class - without their bras giving them grief. Are unsightly and painful strap marks bringing you down? Many women try to create the right lift and support by adjusting their straps too tightly - the problem may be that you're wearing the wrong size bra. Check your size and choose a bra with added lift or underwire for more support. Make sure your bra is full cup and avoid demi. If you are larger in the bust, try a minimizer or full coverage bra.

What should I wear under tanks or with spaghetti straps?
We know - that white-bra-strap-peaking-out-from-under-a-red-tank look isn't winning you any fashion accolades this season. And you're certainly not about to go bra-less - we're not living in the 1960s, for goodness sake. The most obvious solution to this problem is a strapless bra, and we offer a large variety of choices. From the Le Mystere Shameless Strapless Bra to the Goddess Smooth Simplicity Bridal Strapless Bra, we have the strapless bra to solve your wardrobe dilemmas. If you fear the "quadraboob" look - the unfortunate illusion of four breasts - that can come from a slipping strapless bra, try a bra with clear straps such as the Le Mystere Dos Nu Convertible Bra. For a trendier look, select a bra with a thinner strap in a color that accents your outfit and don't be afraid to let the strap show.

What should I wear under tight tees and sweaters?
You want to look and feel sexy and the baggy blouse look just isn't going to fly. You want to wear a tight shirt. These days, many shirt styles are cut more fitted and are tighter in the bust. Smaller busted women may choose a fitted shirt for a sexy look that allows the nipple to show through, wearing it with a bra that has a microfiber, seamless cup. This will round and smooth the bust line but allow your breast's natural shape to show through. For the same natural look that avoids nipple exposure, try a lightly-padded, molded bra. The Tisha Bra from Le Mystere is a personal favorite of Oprah, and there are also options like the Wacoal Finer Things Seamless Underwire Bra and the Goddess Smooth Simplicity Bra. These will provide a clean, rounded and natural looking line. Larger busted women may prefer a minimizer with full cup coverage, such as the Wacoal Slimline Seamless Minimizer Bra.

There are wrinkles across my bust under my shirt.
You've heard that saying "A wrinkle in time saves nine"? Well, a wrinkle across your bust area saves nothing, nada, zilch. If the fabric of your shirt is smooth across your bust, you may see lines or seams under your shirt. Chances are you are wearing a bra that is too large in the cup and may need to go down a size. Check your cup size and order your new bras accordingly. Also, make sure you select a bra in a seamless fabric, such as microfiber, or a bra described as being seamless such as the Fit To Be Tried Hidden Powers Wire Free Bra by Warners or the Bali Double Support Wire Free Bra. You may even want to try a bra with a hidden underwire for that ultra seamless look like the Wacoal Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra.

My breasts are bulging out around my cups and under my arms.
Are you in the midst of the Battle of the Breast Bulge? If so, your bra is most likely too small in the cup or your straps are too tight. Loosen the straps and/or increase your cup size (see sizing chart.) You may also want to invest in a bra with side panels that flex according to your shape.

My favorite bra has been discontinued.
Don't panic. Try checking the same brand/manufacturer for similar products. With styles changing all the time, many designers may discontinue a certain item but retain the same basic structure and essence throughout their line. If this doesn't work, start from scratch and enjoy a new brand. First, find your proper size and then think about the specifics that were so appealing in your old style before beginning your new search. Our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you find a replacement style.

How do I solve the problem of panty lines?
Are problematic panty lines turning you into a panty pariah? These days there are more ways of tackling this age-old dilemma such as the obvious solutions provided by thongs, g-strings and v-strings. But for those of you who prefer a fuller coverage panty, seamless panties are also now available in both traditional cuts, such as the Bali Full-Cut Fit Stretch Cotton Brief and Barely There Microfiber Damask Seamless Brief, and thongs. The Cosabella Soire Seamless Sheer Thong is one good option as is the popular Hanky Panky Thong.

My panties are rising above my low-rise jeans.
Are peaking panties putting a damper on your lusty, low-ride look? Because the trend of low-rise jeans is showing no signs of abating, we offer a plethora of panties to accommodate your low-rise lifestyle. Low-rise, or 'hipster' panties, and thongs that ride lower on the hip than traditional bikinis or briefs are one answer. We suggest the Cosabella Talco Low Rider Thong or the Calvin Klein Seamless Thong for starters. Boy shorts are another great option and come in a variety of styles, prints and colors that can provide a coy accent to your look should the waistband decide to travel north. A few choices: Cosabella Celine Low Rise Hotpants, Barely There Breathe Boy Short, and the Adam + Eve Undershort.

My hips and/or bottom are spilling out.
Chances are your panties are too small. Many women assume that their panty size is the same as their pant size but in this day of designer fashion - where inconsistent sizing is all over the charts - there's no reliable correlation. So take a few careful minutes to pick your proper panty size by consulting our sizing guide and avoid discomfort and unsightly bulges.

Who wears shapewear?
I think what you mean is "Who doesn't wear shapewear? Shapewear is everywhere, from the red carpet - where Hollywood starlets use shapewear to create the perfect look beneath their couture creations - to any woman hoping to minimize or refine their figure with a little help. Create a trim, healthy and firm look with some shapewear selections from Freshpair.

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